About us

Waterford and Wexford Training Services are dedicated to ensuring your learning experience is enjoyable and successful. Our experienced team provide a very high standard of training and support to assist you in your journey towards a brighter future.

At our purpose built facilities we offer a variety of courses that are suitable for many different learners - jobseekers, people entering the workforce for the first time, early school leavers, people with disabilities, those wishing to change careers and people looking to refresh their knowledge or gain new skills. Below is an outline of the types of courses on offer:

Training Course

These courses provide learners with essential and valuable skills to make them potential valuable employees. On successful completion of these courses learners will gain formal qualifications. These courses are delivered on a full-time, part time, blended or evening basis.


Apprenticeship is the recognised means by which people are trained to become craftspeople in Ireland.  Apprenticeship involves a combination of learning in the classroom and on-the-job training and aims to develop the skills of the apprentice to meet the needs of industry and the labour market. More information about apprenticeship is available here.

Career Traineeships

SOLAS, in partnership with ETBs, employers and employer representative bodies, have developed a Career Traineeship model of work-based learning informed by national and international best practice. Career Traineeship is an occupational training programme based on identified labour market needs designed to offer trainees a foothold in a career. It provides a combination of on and off the job learning and is generally of 6-18 months duration.
A key feature of Career Traineeship is partnership with industry to ensure training meets identified employment opportunities.


Traineeships are job specific and industry endorsed training programmes. A traineeship combines learning at the training centre with on-the-job training. Traineeships are specific to jobs that are not taught as apprenticeships but do require skills that are best learnt through on-the-job training.

Construction Skills Certification Scheme

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) is for people who are interested in working in the construction industry in a non-craft job. The scheme trains, assesses, certifies and registers people to work in the construction industry.  For further information please contact SOLAS - www.solas.ie

Quarry Skills Certification Scheme

The Quarry Skills Certification Scheme (QSCS) is for people who are interested in working in the quarrying sector in a non-craft job. The scheme trains, assesses, certifies and registers people to work in the quarrying sector.  For further information please contact SOLAS - www.solas.ie

E-Learning at the Library

This is a foundation programme for people who are interested in learning the basics of information technology. The programme is open to anyone and is delivered by ETB in partnership with the Library Council of Ireland.

Community Training Centre (CTC)

Training programmes run by CTCs are for early school leavers under the age of 21 who have left school with minimal or no formal qualifications.  These programmes offer training, guidance and individual support to help each learner achieve qualifications and employment.

Local Training Initiative (LTI)

Local Training Initiatives are provided by independent community  organisations such as Youth Services or Family Resources Centres.  The training is aimed at people aged between 18-35 years old who have most difficulty getting a job because they have no formal qualifications, or qualifications that are no longer relevant and have been out of work for a long time.  Learners are provided with training, guidance and individual support to help them get qualifications and enter the workforce.

Specialist Training Programme (STP)

Specialist Training Providers provide flexible training courses that are designed for learners who have a disability. Learners in STPs are provided with personal, social and vocational skills training and development leading to qualifications and assistance to obtain employment.