Training Allowances

Training Allowance Guide 2017

From the 1st of September 2017 - 'Clarification Date: 13th October 2017

From 1st September 2017, the standard training allowance is  equivalent to the DSP BTEA rate of €198 and will be paid to NEW ENTRANT participants who have a personal entitlement (per F103/DA103) in one of the following categories:

Category Age Allowance

(New entrants - 1 September 2017)

Job Seekers Allowance N/A Where F103 indicates a personal entitlement.
A training allowance of €193* adjusted as follows:
PLUS Qualified Adult and Qualified Child amounts per Form F103
MINUS Means amount per Form F103
Job Seekers Benefit 18+
Supplementary Welfare Allowance (SWA) N/A
Occupational Injuries Benefit N/A
Disability Allowance or Blind Pension 18+
One Parent Family Payment N/A Travel & Meal Allowance only
Deserted Wife Benefit N/A Travel & Meal Allowance only
Widows/Widowers Pension 18+ Travel & Meal Allowance only
Illness Benefit & Invalidity Pension N/A Travel & Meal Allowance only
Farm Assist N/A Travel & Meal Allowance only
Fish Assist N/A Travel & Meal Allowance only
Dependant on Partner's Claim 18+ Travel & Meal Allowance only
Credits Only 18+ Travel & Meal Allowance only
Disability Allowance 16
€76.65 pw - Full-time *
€95.75 pw - Full-time *
Young person with no SW Entitlement 16-17 €40 pw Full-time
Job Seekers Transitional Payment N/A Travel and Meals

If a participant's personal Social Welfare entitlement exceeds this amount, a training allowance equivalent to their personal entitlement will be paid on receipt of certified evidence to this effect. Evidence of Social Welfare entitlement must be in the form of a duly completed 'Participants Allowance Entitlement' form (F103/DA103).

NB: A training allowance is not to be paid to participants commencing training who are pending status with DSP until their status is resolved.

  • Effective 1st September 2017, it is agreed that a training allowance of €193 will be paid to participants who turn 18 while in training for the remaining duration of their participation on the programme.
  • Where a participant progresses from one course to another then the original F103 applies unless an updated F103 is received.

NB: Full-time rates are based on 31.25hr/pw; Part-time rates are calculated on a pro rata basis.

Verification of a participant's entitlement to an allowance on all FET programmes continues to be determined by their F103/DA103.