Training Allowances

Waterford and Wexford Training Centre has a range of training allowances. 

Solas Training Allowances.

Accommodation and meal allowances

Course Participant Accommodation Allowances

Effective: 1 January 2002

  €/Day €/Week
Maximum Rate Payable €13.98 €69.90

Course Participant Meal Allowances

Effective: 1 January 2002

Course Participant Status Rate €
Full-time Course Participant 0.80 per day
Part-time Course Participant 0.40 per day


If a course participant is in receipt of an accommodation allowance, travel allowances are not payable.

Meal allowances only apply for lunch in locations where ETB canteen facilities are not available.

Solas - Travel Allowances

Child allowances 

Please Note: There will be a new Childcare Scheme in place for trainees commencing programmes from Monday 13 September, 2010. 

For information on the new Childhood Education and Training Scheme (CETS) please see the 'News/Publications' section on the Home Page or click on the link below.

CETS Information

Solas - Childcare Allowances

Local Training Initiative Grants

Local Training Initiative Co-ordinator

Effective: 01 September 2008

Maximum Reimbursement to Sponsors Rate €
Wages Grant 644.94
PRSI Grant 69.33
Total 714.27

Local Training Initiative Assistant Co-ordinator*

Effective: 01 September 2008

Maximum Reimbursement to Sponsors Rate €
Wages Grant 572.73
PRSI Grant 61.57
Total 634.30


Following a successful application process, ETB will provide the organisation with the following:

  • A grant towards the cost of employing a project co-ordinator and assistant co-ordinator;
  • Funding to contribute to the cost of training materials and administration of the project;
  • Training allowances for the participants on the programme. 

Solas - Local Training Initiative Grants