2016 Learner Testimonials

  • This was a brilliant course. I had never taken part in a computer course or anything along those lines before now and the modules on this course were all entirely new areas for me. As a result of doing this course I got to completely up skill myself, I also learned as I worked but overall the experience of the entire course was really excellent, with brilliant tutors and I really enjoyed the opportunities to gain on the job learning, training and job shadowing. Prior to this course I was hairdressing and it's not often in todays society that you get an opportunity to access an education where it’s going to allow you to develop yourself. Now through this course and having gained my APA qualification it will allow me to access a portal of jobs and open a lot of doors for me.

    Charlene Power from Wexford
    Insurance Practitioner Traineeship with Zurich Insurance and WWETB
  • This course as a whole was excellent, I thought the tutors in particular were brilliant. I had worked in law for a number of years and when I heard about this traineeship it immediately struck a chord with me, I felt it was a natural progression for me and an opportunity to diversify and apply my skills. Having now completed this course I would highly recommend it to others and I also feel it is a course that could be rolled out for training in other professions. I’m now working with Revenue and I know that this course gave me back the confidence I needed to apply for the position I am now in. I’m also considering furthering my education and studying for and completing the CIP exams.

    Fiona Kieran
    Insurance Practitioner Traineeship with Zurich Insurance and WWETB
  • I’m originally from Montreal and I moved to Wexford right before Ireland went into an economic recession, my background was in logistics and for the last number of years I was working at a taxi base in Wexford. I found this course to be really excellent. I was attracted to it as it was a traineeship and also I know that once I had completed it that I would have three APA exam qualifications acquired. I now plan to continue my learning in Insurance and complete my CIP examinations. I’m now working at Zurich Insurance plc and it was brilliant to gain a transition from my course into my now job position. There were six of us taken on by Zurich and I know that I would not have gained this job if I had not have completed this course. The insurance industry is growing and there are a lot of jobs in the industry. In order to enter the sector you just have to get your accredited exams so I’d really recommend this course to others who are interested in working within the industry.

    Michael Phelan
    Insurance Practitioner Traineeship with Zurich Insurance and WWETB
  • I loved this course, I learned so many skills and even though it is not a long course there is so much information packed into it, you gain a well rounded view of everything, We learned the practical, theory and science of hairdressing and I’m now working in a hair salon in Dublin; I know that I would not have gained this particular position without having done this course. I would really recommend this course to others; as if you ever want to travel and work abroad you will need this qualification. If you are in anyway interested in doing hairdressing, I would recommend that you do this nine month course and it will help you to decide if it is the career for you before you make a commitment to a salon.

    Roseanne Doyle from Kilkenny
    Hairdressing Skills
  • I was a stay-at-home mum for 10 years and this course was a stepping-stone for me to get back into the workplace. I found this course to be excellent, I was concerned that I might struggle as English is not my native language but I found the tutors really helped to bring out my confidence and help with my learning. I’m now working with Teva Pharmaceuticals and I know that I gained this position as a direct result of having completed this course.

    Vera Jurkova from Slovakia and living in Waterford
    Cleanroom and Packaging
  • I found this course really really good, I learned a huge amount, from Latin to tips on pruning to the naming of plants and the plant kingdom along with health and safety and teamwork. I really enjoyed this course, in particular the horticulture module, the tutor was very knowledgeable and I learned a great deal. I would like to continue on in education and I’d like to do a garden design course as I’d like to run my own horticulture business in the future.

    Fionnuala Gleeson from Portlaw, Waterford
  • I was job seeking prior to taking up this course opportunity. I really enjoyed this course, I learned a lot from the course modules and I very much enjoyed the technical drawing aspect as I gained a great deal from this module. My tutors were great and I owe my work experience position to one of my tutors. This course has given me a skill set that I can move forward with; it has already enabled me to get some good interview positions and it’s opening doors for me.

    Luke Jacob from Waterford
    Milling & Turning
  • I really loved this course and it is definitely a course, which I should have done years ago, prior to doing my business degree as it really offers a foundation in some of the areas where it is assumed you already have that learning on a degree course. For example accountancy, this course gives a really solid foundation in that area and I would heartily recommend to anyone considering going back to full time education or doing a business degree that they do this course first.

    Carole Wall from Waterford
    Manual Accounts and Payroll
  • I found this course very interesting, the tutors were excellent, the course was carried out in a very methodical manner and I really enjoyed it. I learned a great number of skills, from drilling to riveting to learning how to use tools correctly to health and safety. I work background was in the healthcare sector prior to this course, I was working in Dublin and I took up this course as I very much wanted to come back and work in Waterford. It was a stepping-stone to enable me to do just that as I’m now working with Genzyme in Waterford. Completing this course demonstrated to my now employers that I was willing to take on new challenges and try different areas of work.

    Frank Roche from Waterford
    Aircraft Floor Assembly
  • I found this course very enjoyable. I initially did this course to apply the skills to my background in retail management but having completed the course I’m now doing another course in Employment Law, which is in one of the areas we touched on within the Training Delivery and Evaluation course. It is an area I hope to work within in the future. The initial course helped to open up my mind to learning as I had not done any formal training or exams in the past and prior to doing the course I doubted my ability to do these, but it has now given me real confidence to move onto the next level.

    Michelle Barry from Waterford
    Training Delivery and Evaluation
  • I totally enjoyed this course, I was a little apprehensive to begin with, going back to study after many years but my tutor encouraged me to stay and I really learned more than I thought I would ever learn and as a result I got a job that I love. I very much wanted to improve my skills by doing this course and that is exactly the result I achieved. I’m now working in the civil service and my daily work is directly correlated to the modules on this course. I’d highly recommend this course to others, it is really worth it, and the course covers everything you need to know in order to work successfully in office administration.

    Deirdre Denn
    Office Administration
  • I loved this course, I did painting and decorating and tiling, these are skills that I knew a good deal about beforehand but the course gave me the exact knowledge of each skill and a qualification in each. This course will help me to gain employment in these areas and I’d highly recommend this course to others. It really wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be and the instructors were brilliant. If anything I think this course should be longer.

    Joseph Skelton from Waterford
    Technical Employability Skills
  • This course was brilliant, the entire course set up, the modules and working area was ideal and my tutors were really knowledgeable and helpful. I did this course as a lead on from the last course I did, which was ‘Technical Employability’. This course taught me a lot about myself and it gave me great confidence. I’ve never worked in the area of construction before and this course has now opened my mind and my skillset to this area of work, which I’ve never considered before now. I’d highly recommend this course to others not only for the module learnings and the skills but also for personal development.

    Majella McGrath from Kilmeaden, Waterford
    Construction Skills