The Craft of Farriery

The craft of Farriery covers the making and fitting of horseshoes to prepared feet, with an understanding of different styles of shoeing and trimming required for various types of work, and both hot and cold shoeing techniques. Corrective foot trimming measures, remedial shoemaking and fitting, the use of alternative materials and the modification and fitting of manufactured shoes are also central to Farriery.

The care and management of horses with a thorough knowledge of the most relevant local breeds of horses and an in-depth knowledge of horsemanship, equine anatomy, physiology, conformation and movement and foot balance are essential. This also requires recognition of lameness and injuries to the equine foot and leg as well as common ailments and diseases and ways of dealing with them in Farriery.

Welding operations to assist in the production and modification of tools and the forging of tools and shoes to particular requirements are vital skills. The planning and management of all matters relating to the craft and liaison with owners and their representatives, veterinarians and fellow Farriers are also important aspects of the craft.