Redundant Assistance

If you are registered with Waterford and Wexford Training Centre and you are made redundant you should:

  • Immediately inform us of your redundant status, by contacting our services to business team
  • Let us know all the details of your apprenticeship employment, so if we are able to, we can credit you for what you have achieved
  • Register with a Local Employment Services Office for help in securing new employment so you can continue your apprenticeship training.

To assist redundant apprentices to complete their apprenticeship the ETB has put the following interim measures in place:

  • Apprentices who are made redundant may progress to the next off-the-job training phase of their apprenticeship, in line with current scheduling criteria.
  • Redundant apprentices may also gain from existing skills training courses, which enhance their employable skills. They may also gain from the range of night courses, which are available in the Training Centre.
  • ETB has developed Phase 7 (equivalent) assessments for redundant apprentices at the final phase of their apprenticeship in the trades of Carpentry & Joinery, Electrical, Plumbing, Brick & Stonelaying, Cabinet Making and Plastering. Redundant apprentices who wish to complete the Phase 7 equivalents are requested to contact their Senior Training Advisor.
  • ETB has introduced a Competency Determination Mechanism (CDM) (this mechanism will provide redundant apprentices with the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and knowledge against the occupational standard for specified trade over a number of days in a Training Centre).

Those who successfully pass the Competency Determination Mechanism will be progressed for the award of the Level 6 Advanced Certificate – Craft.

Eligibility for Competency Determination Mechanism

To be eligible for the Competency Determination Mechanism redundant apprentices must meet the following criteria:-

  • Be redundant as an apprentice as notified by their employer and be registered with Employment Services
  • Have successfully completed all Phases 1 – 7 inclusive, reaching the minimum standard
  • Have not completed 4 years in employment as an apprentice in the trade.

Redundant apprentices will receive a letter from ETB inviting them to register their interest in participating in Competency Determination Mechanism

Redundant apprentices registered for 4 years who have successfully completed all Phases 1-7 but have not completed the required 4 years in employment as an apprentice in the trade, (excluding Air Craft Mechanic) will be contacted by ETB to submit a portfolio of evidence under Recognition of Prior Learning for consideration by the National Apprenticeship Advisory Sub-committee for the award of the Advanced Certificate – Craft.